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Juan C Delgado Jr.
Juan C is a founding member of LST.  Juan's work with the Average Brentwood Teens was the inspiration for the LST Podcast series.  Juan is a High School Senior and researcher at Brentwood High School research lab.  Juan is the President  and founding member of the Brentwood Chapter of Students for Climate Action, and the developer of Suffolk County's Classroom to Careers Podcast for the Labor Department.  Juan C is also a My Brothers Keeper Fellow, who works closely with locally community organizations.   Juan loves the stock market and watches anime.  

Joshua Castellanos is also a founding member of LST.  He is a senior at Brentwood High School.  Joshua with Juan were pioneers of the average Brentwood Teens Podcast Series.   Joshua is an amateur composer and dabbles with video production.   As an MBK Fellow, Joshua is constantly building bridges with local community organizations.   Josh is the Co-developer of the Classroom to Careers Podcast Series.   When not podcasting or making music you can find Josh at the library reading books and working!
Joshua Castellanos
Max Cabrerra

Max Cabrera is a senior at Brentwood High School. As well as being a researcher, he has been an active member of his community, involving himself with My Brothers Keeper, Students for Climate Action, leading the DECA leadership program, holding the position of treasurer for NEHS, and being senior editor of Emerald Echo. Along with this, he has done work outside Brentwood, involving himself with work at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the summer. He currently does research involving piezoelectric sensors in order to implement better means of renewable energy, and is involved with theater and photography outside of research and academics. He watches anime like Juan.

Arif Ali
Arif Ali is a senior at Brentwood High school. He has been in research for 3 years studying the effects of genomic mutations on Covid-19 variants. Arif is the social media manager for both medical society & S4CA for the Brentwood chapter. He is also the Co-founder of the PLU which is an organization that brought students together during the lockdowns of Covid-19 allowing them to get extra help on homework while also letting them socialize in a friendly environment.
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